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Why fuss about fruits and vegetables?

The idea that we should all eat fruits and vegetables has been rammed down our throats for a while, probably since elementary school for most people. The explanations teachers give were the basic ones, fruits and veggies are good sources of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to grow and repair itself. All of these are true. But it’s also good to understand better why fruits and vegetables are THAT important. Our bodies respond to our environment, much more than we even realise. Most of the human population are genetically healthy, so we cannot all use the excuse of our genes as a reason for not being as healthy as we should be. The same genetically healthy population have both good genes and bad genes This is where the fuss of fruits and vegetables come in. Eat right and switch on good genes, eat poorly and you’re likely to activate the bad genes. This is only a simple interpretation. There are other factors that can affect how our genes are expressed. But we’re only looking at food for now.

This food group contains what we can call nature’s pharmaceutical drugs – “phytochemicals”. Phytochemicals include some of these vitamins that we’ve always been told are good for us such as Vitamin C, D and E. When we eat foods containing phytochemicals we’re doing our bodies a huge favour. You wouldn’t go to a fight without making sure you have your best weapons or tricks up your sleeve. This is similar to why we should consume a lot of phytochemical rich foods; we’re arming our bodies with enough ammunition to fight the negative load that comes with everyday living especially if we live in big cities.

Next time you see an advert on 5 a day, you can smile and know you understand better why it’s emphasized so much.  Then you buy that banana and not pack of crisps😉

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